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Nowadays there are many users, both individuals & businesses, who use external hard drive to store & transfer the data from one system to another. It is being used as a backup device that contains all your important files, applications & your favorite games, due to its large capacity & portability. An external drive can be easily connected to any system having a USB port, whether it is a PC or a laptop or even iPad. But if any kind of corruption happens to your external drive or your external hard drive becomes inaccessible, then you will end up losing all these files. No one can afford this kind of loss. It is worse than losing your wallet. The files that were present in the hard drive might have been your entire year’s work or your most favorite games or precious pictures of memorable days & many more important things. you may worry how to recover external hard drive?

If you have kept your backup in two places then you are lucky, but if you don’t have one then you have to go for a professional recovery software. External Hard drive Recovery tool is the best in the industry & can easily restore deleted or lost data from external hard drive in the following scenarios –

Accidental Deletion – Files from your external drive might get deleted accidentally while you were trying to delete some other unwanted files. This is the most common mistake made by almost every user. Just a slight distraction & you lose an important file.

Unexpected Shutdown – When the external hard drive is connected to the system or you are transferring some data from external drive to the system or vice versa, if the system is shut down improperly either manually or due to power cut, there is a very high chance of data being lost or the external hard drive itself corrupts. Read Here to know about corrupted external hard drive recovery

File System Corruption – If you encounter an error while partitioning or repartitioning the external hard drive, the file system might get corrupt due to which all the data residing inside the external hard drive becomes inaccessible or even gets deleted, which may require you to find ways to recover external hard drive.

Accidental Formatting – Sometimes while formatting some other drive you might select the external hard drive by mistake & press format or while ejecting or renaming the drive using the context menu, you accidentally selected “Format” option. In any of these situations the result will be same, all your data is lost. This might be like a nightmare to you.

Virus infection – If the system to which the external drive has been connected, is affected by a virus, there are chances that your external drive also gets affected. This results in data loss or corruption in the external hard drive. The same thing happens if you save some virus infected file to the external hard drive.

Improper Removal of the external hard drive – If the external hard drive is removed improperly from the system i.e. without using the “Safely Remove Hardware” option, then the file system of the external hard drive is likely to be corrupted resulting in huge data loss.

Due to the above mentioned reasons & some more unpredictable reasons you might lose the external hard drive data. Do not panic as you can recover external hard drive data that got deleted or lost from the external hard disk even if you thought that you have lost it forever. This is possible because operating system just marks the space occupied by the deleted item, as available, the original data is not lost until it is overwritten by some other file. So, it is strictly recommended that you should not use the external hard drive when you encounter any of the above mentioned situations.

To recover external hard drive data, you should use External Hard Drive Recovery tool that can restore external hard drive data for all models & makes of external hard drives including Seagate, Western Digital, NetDisk, Iomega, Kano, LaCie, SimpleTech, Ximeta, Toshiba, Fantom, Maxtor, VOX, Kanguru, etc. It is an easy to use & user friendly software that even a computer novice can operate to restore external hard drive data. You just have to follow the on-screen instructions & the tool will do its work. Due to its powerful scanning algorithm it can scan the entire external hard drive & restore large amounts of data from corrupted or formatted drive, with great ease in just few minutes. It supports recovery of data like documents, application files, zipped files, emails, etc. from both Windows & Mac OS. To restore images & other media files like audio & videos from external hard drive see

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Updates of Recover External Hard Drive Utility:

How To Recover Deleted Partition on External Hard Drive Mac: Are you looking to recover deleted hard drive partition data on Mac? Take the help of External Hard Drive Recovery Software to recover all your data from drive partition as it was previously. To know more, check this page:

Recover a Formatted External Hard Drive: Everyone uses external hard drives as a source of back up of their important files and folders. You may lose your important data from your external hard drives due to accidental formatting or by any other reasons. With this software you can recover external hard drive data even after it is formatted.

Follow these directions to recover external hard drive data –

Step 1: Download the software & install it. Run the software to restore external hard drive data.

Step 2: From the main screen select “Recover Files” option.

Recover External Hard Drive - Main Screen

Step 3: Select “Recover Lost Files” option from the main screen to recover external hard drive data

Recover External Hard Drive - Recover Deleted Files

Step 4: Choose the affected external hard drive & click “Next”.

Recover External Hard Drive - Select External Drive

Step 5: Preview & save the recovered data.

Recover External Hard Drive - Save Recovered Files

Helpful Tips –

  • Always keep a backup copy of all information that is stored on your external hard drive.
  • Always use “Safely Remove Hardware” option to remove the external hard drive that is connected to the system

To recover external hard drive data on Mac operating system, download the Mac version of the software by visiting

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